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Barry Strudwick

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Director & Town Founder

Barry Strudwick is co-founder and director of Del Pacifico at Esterillos. A graduate of Emory University, Barry received his MBA from the Wharton School. With over 25 years experience as a professional investor, Barry gained a reputation as a frequent contributor to international publications over a 15 year period.  He was also a member of the Oxford Club Wealth Advisory Panel.  For the past 10 years he has been extensively involved in international real estate development.  Barry continues to manage investment portfolios for private clients of Strudwick Wealth Strategies and is the editor of “The Globalist” which presents his global macro-economic outlook. 

A frequently asked question is, "How did you end up in Costa Rica?" The short answer is that in the period following the "Tech Bubble" bust, Barry's economic analysis in 2001 predicted that Washington's response to globalization would result in a U.S. real estate boom and bust cycle followed by a U.S. currency crisis. Or, almost exactly what happened in 2008. His challenge became to find a solution to this looming crisis. When combined with the aging of the Baby Boom, Costa Rican real estate offered a way to proactively protect against this risk because the local real estate market was not inflated due to cheap credit. During this period, Barry formed a partnership with a Costa Rican builder, William Ramirez, and together they created the vision for what is now Del Pacifico...(you can read the rest of the story here)

When they were first married, Barry & his wife Lolly spent several months traveling through Central & South America which is where Barry's love of Latin America began. Barry's non-work interests are extremely varied- he enjoys a good game of squash, is an avid music lover (Barry can name the line-up of pretty much any rock or blues band of the past 40 years), enjoys tending to his koi pond, loves horseback riding and is a member of an award-winning barbecue team (they have even bottled their own dry rub!). He recently added dry curing heirloom hams to his list of hobbies.

Give Barry a call to discuss global macro economics and the plight of the dollar or even investment opportunities with Del Pacifico.

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