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Costa Rica's Medical System & Medical Tourism

Did you know that 15% of all of Costa Rica's tourism is related to "medical tourism"? This is a major driver for real estate values. Medical tourism is nothing new- for years people have been traveling overseas for procedures that they couldn't afford in their own country or for the opportunity to use a doctor who is the premier in his or her field. Historically, patients have traveled to the Mayo Clinic for cancer treatment or to Latin America for cosmetic surgery. In 2010, with the US health care debate raging, Costa Rica took center stage as an option for many people who are looking to take advantage of the high quality, low cost health care available in Costa Rica. 

For visitors who are looking for routine or emergency medical care or just to be prepared for your arrival, there are a few things you should know:
1. You will not need any inoculations  to travel to Costa Rica.
2. Medicare does not cover you in Costa Rica, however the public health system here will cover you in the event of an emergency.
3. There are clinics in Jaco and Parrita but in case of emergency, you have the option of using a public hospital (the closest one to Del Pacifico is Quepos Hospital - about 25 km away) or a private hospital or clinic. There are 3 private hospitals in San Jose which are internationally accredited (Hospital CIMA, Clinica Catolica and Clinica Biblica) and a 20 minute helicopter ride from Del Pacifico.
4. Travel health insurance is available through many different companies. Check with your credit card company- some of them offer benefits. Otherwise, try a private provider like Passport Health.
5. For anything minor, the pharmacies in Costa Rica are all staffed by a pharmacist who can easily  & accurately diagnose and treat many common problems. Also, if you have forgotten any of your important medications, many medicines are available at the pharmacy without a prescription.

October 2010- Scott Van Voorhies wrote an article about Costa Rica's role in the medical tourism revolution. Explore why resort real estate (and condos at Del Pacifico) will profit from this high growth trend. Oder your free copy of this report here.