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Finding the Perfect Souvenir

One of the questions we are always asked is, what is there to buy as a remembrance of my trip to Costa Rica?

Well, first on most peoples' lists is coffee! You can find coffee in any grocery store or pulperia (small community convenience store) in Costa Rica and if you forgot to get some during your stay, you can always buy local coffee at the airport. The most famous brand of Costa Rican coffee is Cafe Britt, however as our resident coffee expert Fernando Alfaro always says, "the best brand of coffee is the one that you like the best." We recommend buying whole bean coffee - just remember that you will need a grinder when you get home.

Costa Rica is home to many artisans and you will find plenty crafts & products that make great souvenirs. In many stores there are many beautiful hand carved tropical wood pieces ranging from the functional to the purely decorative. You will find animal figurines of anything from a toucan to a monkey. The more functional items include cutting boards, jewelry boxes that are also a puzzle, coffee makers, bowls, umbrella stands and much more. The gift shop at Alma del Pacifico has a selection of tropical wood pieces- stop by any time to check it out. If you have some time while you are in San Jose, we highly recommend Biesanz Woodworks in Escazu for some very high end wood pieces and if you're lucky you may be able to see the master at work.