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Happy Independence Day Costa Rica!

Today is a very special day in Costa Rica- it is National Day which celebrates Costa Rica's independence from Spain in 1821 and their 190th Birthday!

A little background info....In 1821, Mexico declared independence from Spain for all of Central America. Before long, the rest of Central America declared independence from Mexico. Unaware of what was occurring in the rest of Central America, Costa Rica discovered their independence a month after it had been granted to them!

Beginning on the 14th of September, a runner carries a "freedom torch" from one end of Costa Rica to the other (from Nicaragua to Panama), recreating the moment in 1821 when someone ran from border to border to notify Costa Rica's people that their independence had been granted. At exactly 6pm on the 14th, the runner arrives in Costa Rica's former capital city Cartago where the President receives the torch. TV & radio stations in Costa Rica play the national anthem and then a parade of torches begins followed by school children performing traditional dances and then fireworks.

On the 15th, there are parades around Costa Rica where school children dress in either their uniforms or traditional costume along with music, parties and fun!

Feliz dia Costa Rica!

The typical Costa Rican celebrations are something that every lover of Costa Rica should experience at least once! Some of the most exciting celebrations are in the weeks surrounding Christmas & New Years. This is also one of the best times to visit Costa Rica and to escape the cold of North America & Europe. Book now for a "tipico" holiday celebration in Costa Rica!