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All Clear At Del Pacifico!

Everything is fine after the recent quake! The epi-center was up in Guanacaste  and all we got in the Central Pacific was a rumble and virtually no damage. In fact, Fernando reports that our total losses were one bottle of an orange flavoured liqueur which fell off the bar. 

Think about it,  a 7.6 quake and very little damage in the entire country and no damage at Del Pacifico. Why? Because Costa Rica has very stringent building codes and enforces them. Second, as our owners know, the construction at Del Pacifico has been done to a very high level.  This is a good example of why Costa Rica is different than buying real estate in another country like Nicaragua, Ecuador or Belize.

Thanks for the many calls and inquiries but we're happy to report all is well.  I just wish I had a video of Fernando running up the hill seeking higher ground when he heard that their was a Tsunami warning! (It was cancelled very quickly).

Now is he time to be planning your winter vacation so give us a call and we can help plan your dream trip!


Costa Rica & Hurricanes

I spent last weekend on the Eastern shore of Maryland, waiting for Hurricane Irene to do her thing. Even now, several days later, there are still close to a quarter million homes in the Baltimore area without power. What better time than now to revisit one of our most frequently asked questions, "Does Costa Rica have hurricanes?" 

The simple answer is, "No, Costa Rica is not generally effected by hurricanes." Most hurricanes form to the east or west of Costa Rica and continue north. Because we are located at about 9.5 degrees north of the equator on the Pacific coast, we have much lighter winds than neighboring countries within the Caribbean "storm corridor." There have been times when the extremely rare hurricane has hit the Caribbean side of Costa Rica, but the 11,000 foot mountain ranges that run through the center of the country and separate the Caribbean from the Pacific side, where Del Pacifico is located, acts as a shield against the heavy winds associated with hurricanes.

Hope that puts your minds at ease!

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