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Special Offer to International Living Visitors to Costa Rica

I wason the plane recently, coming back from Del Pacifico &Alma del Pacifico Hotelfor the inauguration of the Beach Bar at Alma... 

During my trip I met four different people who were subscribers to a publication called International Living which is published by Agora Publishing. Agora also publishes hard asset oriented newsletters, including the Oxford Club Communique & the Sovereign Society Newsletter. It struck me that this was a disproportionate number of the total people who read these investment newsletters. Over the past several months we have also met several people visiting Costa Rica to look at real estate investments at projects in the Southern Zone of Costa Rica, like Hacienda Matapalo & the Pacific Lots projects on the Osa Peninsula. Over the past year perhaps a dozen people have visited Del Pacifico after their visits to Osa to view real estate. The general consensus is that Del Pacifico is much further along than these other projects in Southern Costa Rica. Coincidentally, all these visitors actually drive through Del Pacifico on their way to the south.

For anybody wishing to visit with us on your trip to Costa Rica, please contact our US office and we will arrange a special discounted rate to stay at our beachfront hotel or in one of our extraordinary condos. 410-727-6444

Two Powerful Ideas for Wealth Protection

Every year we attend conferences, like the Agora Wealth Symposium each July in Vancouver, to see what some of the top speakers in the world have to say about the economy and wealth protection.  One of the main "take away ideas" of the past few years is that almost everyone's wealth preservation strategy should include international real estate as an important component.

Diversifying  your net worth overseas with international real estate is actually far simpler than most people  appreciate.  More importantly, you can invest in both style and luxury while creating a legacy of memories for future generations of your family.

Here are two powerful ways that to make overseas real estate work for you and your family as a wealth protection strategy:

Action Idea #1:  Consider creating  your own "private offshore land bank" by investing in a  residential home site in a luxury resort like Del Pacifico. This can be done at Del Pacifico with as little as $225,000 and  is an ideal way to internationalize your IRA account. More importantly, owning a residential lot is a low risk, low hassle and low profile way to invest a portion of your assets offshore.  Low risk? Stewart Title and other US companies will issue title insurance policies on residential lots at Del Pacifiico. Low Hassle? You neither have to worry about decorating nor building on a lot.  Low profile?  Contact us to discuss!

Action Idea #2:  Do you want to create  a second home for your family which is also an income producing investment? Then owning a  luxury resort real estate, like a house or condominium at Del Pacifico, might be the best way to go.  Currently Del Pacifico has condos and houses available starting at  $275,000 fully furnished and going up to $1,750,000  for a spectacular ocean view house with pool and jacuzzi.  Why not make this your second home or family retreat for creating multiple generations of memories?  Local bank financing is available.  Order your free copy of the Safe Haven Report, a special report on the logic of owning resort real estate.

Special Consultation Offer:  If you're serious about international real estate or are concerned about the direction of domestic economic policy, I'd like to extend to you a complimentary private consultation to discuss owning international real estate and how it could  fit your personal objectives. I can help you sort through objectives and options very quickly to see if international real estate is an idea to consider.  Call  +1-410-727-6444  or send me an email to arrange a convenient time.

Final Due Diligence? Of course,  if you're ready to schedule a "site visit"  as the final step of  your "due diligence",  our vacation experts can help to arrange a personal trip to view Del Pacifico. We can arrange for your stay in either our beachfront hotel, Alma del Pacifico or in one of our luxurious vacation rental condos or houses. 

Look forward to hearing from you,

Barry Strudwick
Del Pacifico Founder