Costa Rica Real Estate, Del Pacifico at Esterillos

Seaside Town, Tropical Soul

The Architectural Language of Del Pacifico

Del Pacifico at Esterillos blends regionally appropriate styles, materials and construction techniques for all homes, condominiums & other building types in the town. Local architectural design idioms draw heavily from the Spanish Colonial Revival style, fused with tropical stylistic elements, building techniques and materials. Del Pacifico keeps in step with this local style, allowing only architecture of this style.

Attention to detail and execution of design features further contributes to the personality & character of Del Pacifico at Esterillos. In Costa Rica, the blending of construction materials composes artful mosaics of texture, colour, and pattern. For example, otherwise austere looking light coloured stucco walls often feature stone, iron work, timber framing, and/or tile mosaics. Other characteristics common to the architecture of this region include simple transitional spaces connecting interior with exterior spaces. Pulling these components together into one design language is what connects Del Pacifico to the larger landscape context.

Another key component of Costa Rican life is the garden. Gardens have been incorporated into Spanish Colonial and tropical architecture for centuries. Whether shared or private, gardens connect people and architecture with nature. Walls, fences, lighting, and other landscape accoutrements offer additional methods to connect the built and natural environments. Del Pacifico's exterior patterns seek to reinforce this connection through the use of a cohesive style.

Elements that you will notice throughout Del Pacifico from the private custom homes to the commercial center are red tile roofs, stucco exteriors, tropical wood accents & tile mosaic cupolas. You will also find a great deal of use of river rock as a border element for walls and floors. Custom homes must adhere to the overall architectural language of Del Pacifico on the exterior but there is far more leeway in the design of the interior of a custom home.