Costa Rica Real Estate, Del Pacifico at Esterillos

Seaside Town, Tropical Soul

The Del Pacifico Story…Building a Sandbox with Soul

In 10 short years, Del Pacifico has already started creating an international buzz in the resort and architectural communities as a unique town. With our distinctive and stunning architecture, the story of Del Pacifico actually started under a run-down tiki hut on the beach in the afternoon in the summer of 2003...

While seated on a couple of tree stumps, William Ramirez and Barry Strudwick sketched out the concept of a resort community which would focus on the interaction of the people and not simply "selling dirt.”  As we say, the goal wasn't to be just "another Gringo with a Tico partner and a bulldozer in a big sandbox." Rather, we wanted to build a true community where both cultures could interact, or as Barry often says "We set out to build a sandbox with soul". In less than an hour, William and Barry distilled the concept down to its essentials and struck a partnership with a handshake.  Barry's long range vision coupled with William's passion for perfection and building has resulted in one of the most exciting projects in the entire Caribbean and Central America. As William says, "When we realized that we were actually building a town, not just a gated resort community, we accepted a much larger personal responsibility.  Del Pacifico is our legacy not just another development.”

To help the seed of community take root, Del Pacifico hosted a series of what have become known as "Gatherings" where current owners and prospective owners get together for a long weekend of experiences and camaraderie. As Barry says, "The Gatherings are creating Del Pacifico's social DNA, this is all about people, not dirt and bricks." The vision of Del Pacifico is now captured in the phrase "Seaside Town, Tropical Soul" which shares a commitment to not only build a town but to keep the essence of the Costa Rican spirit alive as well.

While Del Pacifico has been an incredible story, we have been fortunate to receive guidance from many people such as Adam Gross and Dhiru Thadani of Ayers/Saint/Gross, Leon Krier of the Yale School of Architecture, Bob Morris of Billy Casper Golf, Bob Ward for legal advice & many others who have shared the passion & shaped the vision.  Equally important has been the staff and family of Del Pacifico to include Fernando Alfaro, Stephanie Green, and Stacey Murray, It is this spirit that keeps Del Pacifico alive and flourishing.